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Kids On Stage Programs

The Kids On Stage organization is multi-faceted, offering a variety of programs year-round. With a wide variety of schedules, there is something for everyone!

The KOS Academy

The KOS Academy is a place to learn and grow. Productions & Skill Labs held in this series are open to everyone regardless of experience. For productions, auditions are still held, but everyone receives a role.

KOS Moana Promo-4471 (1).jpg
Broadway KIDS Academy (3).png
Debuting in the Fall of 2023, Broadway KIDS Academy is just for our 3-8 year olds! Rehearsal time will be focused on building foundational skills in drama, music, and dance through hands on games, ensemble-building activities, and rehearsal for a Broadway KIDS production (age-appropriate adaptations that are thirty minutes in length). The first production is 101 Dalmatians KIDS.
Broadway KIDS Academy is offered on a rotating basis in the fall & spring along with being offered in the summer as a summer camp production. 
KOS LK Show-1552.jpg
RSA Logo (1).png
Our Rising Star Academy was designed as a place for our youngest stars to shine. Built for ages 8-12, cast members rehearse and perform a Broadway JR production (age-appropriate adaptations that are one hour in length) for friends, family, and the public while building skills in drama, music, and dance. Past productions include Disney’s Moana JR, Shrek JR, and Disney’s Frozen JR, just to name a few!
Rising Star Academy is offered on a rotating basis in the fall & spring along with being offered in the summer as a summer camp production. 
Shrek.The Musical-5376.jpg
TTA Logo (3).png
Triple Threat Academy is for our 12-21 year olds (age is sometimes adjusted depending on the show) to rehearse, learn, and perform in a space that is rigorous, professional, and supportive. Cast members work to rehearse and perform Full Length or One-Act Versions of hit Broadway musicals while practicing skills in dance, music, and drama. Previous shows include The SpongeBob Musical and Shrek: The Broadway Musical.
Triple Threat Academy is offered on a rotating basis in the fall & spring along with being offered in the summer as a summer camp production. The next Triple Threat Academy production will be Spring 2024.
Skills Lab Logo (4).png
Skills Lab is a leveled musical theater education program for currently enrolled or previous KOS cast members. Labs are delivered in sessions throughout the year and focus on drama, music, and dance through the lens of a Broadway JR show. Sessions of Skills Lab do not culminate in a final performance.
The KOS Skills Lab are offered year-round. Check the KOS Skills tab to get involved!

The Next Level

Programs in "The Next Level" are more selective and reserved for those students looking for a highly professional space to master their craft. These programs are audition only and the standard academy no-cut policy does not apply.

KOS Cinderella-9285 (1).jpg
Mainstage! Logo (2).png
Mainstage is our premier audition-only performance experience, and youth ages 8-18 may audition. At least once a season, we are committed to producing a large cast Mainstage production featuring cast members of all ages. Those wishing to audition must pre-register before the deadline, and audition requirements will be tailored to fit varying ages. This experience is like none other, and these productions' energy, passion, and magnitude wow audiences every time.  Previous productions include R&H's Cinderella and Disney's NEWSIES.
Mainstage shows are offered at least once a year. The next Mainstage show will be Summer 2024.
KOS JTF 22-2710.jpg
Untitled design (5).png
The KOS All Star Team is an award winning invite-only competition team. These cast members have demonstrated a commitment to the core values of Kids On Stage and participate in ongoing training to prepare for the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, GA. Being a KOS All Star Team Member is an honor and a privilege. It is a commitment of time and energy reserved for students who are interested in taking their theatrical experience to the next level.
Audition invitations are given out to cast members in spring & summer shows so that they may audition for the following season.
MWA W2-0655.jpg
Conservatory (2).png
The KOS Conservatory was designed as an invite-only space where cast members dedicated to high-quality productions may engage in a rigorous rehearsal and performance process with new and innovative musical titles. The production quality mirrors that of regional or collegiate theater and aims to provide cast members with opportunities to participate in titles not often produced by mainstream theaters. Kids On Stage will produce one Conservatory show a year. The KOS Conservatory was launched with one of the very first productions of MAY WE ALL outside of its Nashville debut.
Invitations to Conservatory productions are given out based on previous KOS involvement at the recommendation of the Artistic Director.
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