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The Lab Is Open.

Open Registration for Ages 6-19 (as of August 26)

$30 Per Lab ($10 per session)

The Experience

The KOS Skills Lab is an extension to the KOS Academy Division designed to foster a place where cast members can hone in on acting, singing, and dancing skills through leveled sessions delivered throughout the year. Labs are a set of three sessions that last one hour and fifteen minutes each. Session 1 will focus on Drama, Session 2 on Music, and Session 3 on Dance within the world of a particular Broadway JR musical.

Our Dream Team has carefully crafted each lab to focus on relevant skills needed to improve in future productions, competition appearances, and other opportunities. The goal is to provide a solid educational program to enhance the growing KOS organization. 

These labs use a Broadway JR musical as a "jumping-off point" for skills that can later be applied in any context. While the curriculum of each lab focuses on an actual musical, the labs will not culminate in any type of performance. We have been very intentional by not centering these labs on an end product (performance or showcase) but rather the education and experience itself.

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Registration & Payment

Sessions will be delivered periodically throughout the year at the Greene County Wellness Center (84 N. Perry Drive, Snow Hill, NC 28580). Cast members must follow the sequence outlined in each lab, meaning they take the sessions sequentially.


Cast members must pre-register before each session. Skill Lab sessions must have a minimum of 8 cast members registered to continue as planned. Should a session not have enough participation, we will re-schedule that session for later. 

You can either pay for an entire lab (all three sessions) or pay session by session. Sessions must be paid in full by cash or check at the time of check in for that particular session.

Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email confirming dates, times, and any needed materials for the upcoming Skills Lab.

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Skills Lab #1: Frozen JR

The Gates Are Open: A New Beginning with Disney's Frozen JR

Prerequisites: None

Cost: $30 (or $10 per session)

Skills Lab #1 is a grand introduction to the world of theater through everyone's favorite kingdom in Arendelle. Focusing on introductory skills in drama, music, and dance, cast members will complete Skills Lab #1 with the confidence and knowledge to begin their theatrical journey. 

Fall 2023 Dates

Skills Lab 1- Session 1 (Drama): October 27, 4:00-5:15 PM

Skills Lab 1- Session 2 (Music): October 27, 5:15-6:30 PM

Skills Lab 1- Session 3 (Dance): October 28, 11:00 AM-12:15 PM


Skill Lab #2: Matilda JR

Revolting Times with Roald Dahl's Matilda JR!

Prerequisites: Successful completion of all three sessions of Skills Lab #1

Cost: $30 (or $10 per session)

Skills Lab #2 is all about developing techniques in drama, music, and dance. We begin to establish a vocabulary in each discipline while building on the skills learned in Lab #1. Cast members engage in scene work to develop characters, work on singing with an ensemble, and continue building their dance toolbox.

Fall 2023 Dates

Skills Lab 2- Session 1 (Drama): December 8, 4:30-5:30 PM

Skills Lab 2- Session 2 (Music): December 8, 5:30-6:30 PM

Skills Lab 2- Session 3 (Dance): December 9, 4:30-5:30 PM


Skill Lab #3: Into The Woods JR

Wishes Come True with Into The Woods JR!

Prerequisites: Successful completion of all three sessions of Skills Lab #1 & #2

Cost: $30 (or $10 per session)

Skills Lab #3 is a complete focus on the individual characters in a musical and their journey throughout the show. We dive deep into playing character intentions, focus on acting the song, and work through innovative choreography that showcases individuals while working together to form interesting stage pictures to advance a common story.

Fall 2023 Dates

Skills Lab 3- Session 1 (Drama): December 15, 4:30-5:30 PM

Skills Lab 3- Session 2 (Music): December 15, 5:30-6:30 PM

Skills Lab 3- Session 3 (Dance): December 16, 4:30-5:30 PM

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