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Wake up on Easter morning to a yard filled with treat-stuffed eggs and a special note from the Easter Bunny! All the while you support a local children’s theatre!

Serving Greene, Wayne, Wilson, Lenoir, & Pitt Counties

How It Works

Choose how many eggs you want to be stuffed and delivered to your home. Orders must be placed through our online ticketing service linked below. You will be asked to provide an address to the location you want to be egged. We will only hide eggs in front yards. 

You'll be contacted after all egg deliveries have been scheduled with a delivery time sometime on Saturday, April 16, in which you can expect to see two to four "Easter Bunnies" hiding the eggs around your yard starting as early as sunset.

You and your littles will wake to a yard filled with eggs, and a special note from the Easter Bunny left on your doorstep:

You've been egged!
I've hidden my Easter eggs in your yard! Find them to receive a special little treat.
Enjoy the hunt, and Happy Easter!
Love, The Easter Bunny (plus a bunny footprint)

(Optional note: Enjoy the hunt, and remember to celebrate that Jesus has risen! Happy Easter!)

Purchase Eggs Now

25 Eggs - $20
50 Eggs - $40
​100 Eggs - $75

150 Eggs - $115

*Credit card processing fees added upon order*

Frequently Asked Questions

Each egg (plastic, in pastels and primary colors) will be stuffed with one of the following: Snickers, Twix, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, Starburst, M&Ms, Laffy Taffy, Jolly Ranchers, Nerds, Smarties, and Sweet Tarts,--all sealed in individual packaging, as well as some fun little trinkets and toys (erasers, bouncy balls, etc.). If you have allergies, please email with details after placing your order. 



We believe "The Show Must Go On!" Rain or shine we will deliver eggs to your yard if you would like. If rain is in the forecast, we will be in contact with all buyers to offer a basket delivery to a covered area like a porch, garage, etc.

100% of every penny donated will go into making our summer productions come to life. Expenses like costumes, set materials, and paying for licensing fees will be covered from these funds.  

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