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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our programs or how things work?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below!

Still have a question?


Question: My child has no experience.  Can they still participate?
Answer: Absolutely!  In all of our productions and experiences, we welcome all experience levels.  There are cast members who have done dozens of shows and worked professionally and others that have never stepped foot onstage.  Both are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Question: Does everyone get a part?
Answer: For all of our academy programs (Rising Star/Triple Threat Academy), all who register and audition are cast in the production.  While not everyone will receive a speaking role, everyone will be cast in an essential part of the show.  All cast members are on stage a lot and are vital to the success of our show.

For our KOS Mainstage Productions & the KOS All Star Team everyone is not guaranteed a role. 

Question: My child didn't get the part they wanted. Can you change it? 
Answer: No.  Our belief here at KOS is that every role is important. You may not receive the role you had hoped for, but that in no way means your audition was bad, or that we don’t like you. Casting a show is like putting together a big giant puzzle and everyone has to fit in to make the picture (or show) complete.  


Question: Can I watch Auditions/Rehearsals?
Answer: Unfortunately, no.  Rehearsals are a time for us to work with our cast and explore movements and words that might make us feel a little silly.  We make sure that it is a safe space - but with many eyes watching that they don't know - it can be intimidating.  

Question: Why does it cost money to participate? 
Answer: Theatre is expensive to produce.  Some costs that you may not be aware of include:  Performance Rights and Royalties, Lighting Costs, Sound Costs, Costuming, Props, Sets, and many more.  We do offer scholarships and you can find out more information about that by emailing


Question: My cast member is "Just Ensemble" - do they need to come to every performance & rehearsal?
Answer: Absolutely!  Do not let your child fool you - there is no such thing as "Just Ensemble".  The ensemble is the heart and soul of any production.  Each member is vital to the success of a show - and even missing one person will impact the entire production. 


Question: How can my cast member be a part of the KOS All Star Team? 

Answer: Members of the KOS All Star Team are selected by an invitation-only audition process. The team is composed of the most professional cast members and is a space where cast members train to represent KOS at the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, GA. Invitations are given to cast members in the Spring & Summer sessions based on attitude, performance, preparation, and ability to work as a part of an ensemble. 

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